Press Release: General Assembly passes Rep. Harrell’s tax package

ATLANTA, GA – The Georgia House of Representatives gave final passage last week to a group of tax measures sponsored by State Representative Brett Harrell (R – Snellville). House Bill 935, HB 936, and HB 937, legislation that Rep. Harrell carried on behalf of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, passed on the 40th legislative day and will now go to Governor Nathan Deal for consideration.

HB 935 provides that local governments via a citizen referendum may exempt ad valorem taxation on ‘fulfillment centers.’ This bill allows local jurisdictions to incentivize location, development, and job creation for online merchants.

HB 936 clarifies language requiring all new jobs receiving an employer job tax credit must exceed certain wage thresholds. Harrell amended the bill just prior to passage to include a job tax credit for employers hiring parolees (HB 828) thereby providing enhanced job opportunities for those exiting incarceration and on the road to rehabilitation.

HB 937 extends the sunset for three years for a tax exemption on construction materials for ‘projects of regional significance.’ These are competitive projects that have created an average of 1,800 new Georgia jobs with a capital investment of $650 million dollars.

Representative Harrell said, “I appreciate the confidence of our Governor’s office and support of the Speaker’s office in asking that I champion these job creating tax measures and thank the Georgia Chamber for their support as well.”

Brett Harrell is a native Georgian living in Gwinnett for the past 42 years. He has owned and operated several small businesses in our community and previously served as Mayor of Snellville prior to his election to the Georgia House. As our state Representative, Brett serves as Vice Chairman of the Rules, Regulated Industries and Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight Committees. He also Chairs the Ad Valorem Subcommittee of Ways & Means and the Railway and Transit Subcommittee of Transportation. He has served for six years in the state House.