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Rep. Brett Harrell

Brett Harrell is an Atlanta native and 44-year resident of Gwinnett County graduating from South Gwinnett High in 1979.

Brett earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Georgia and sold toothpaste for a $30 billion international corporation after graduating in 1983. He once held the record for the most Pepsodent toothpaste sold in a single week at $548,639. After several promotions, rising to Area Sales Manager in the Washington, D.C. area, Brett returned to Snellville to open his own small business.

For twenty years, Brett owned and operated an American Speedy Printing franchise both on U.S. 78 and later on Scenic Hwy (S.R. 124).

Brett previously served as a member of the Snellville Planning Commission, City Council, and in 1999 was elected the first new Mayor in over a quarter of a century. From 2000 until 2003, Brett served as Mayor of Snellville and our community achieved an unprecedented level of success through his cooperative leadership of the City Council and City Staff and the support of our citizens and business owners.

Those successes included:

  • Brett cut property tax rates each and every year he served – reducing the millage rate by 38%.
  • Brett implemented an efficient and cost-effective solid waste collection program – saving homeowners over $14 million since inception in 2001.
  • Brett increased the number of police officers on the streets and improved the pay and benefits for all employees.
  • Brett led the effort that resulted in an expanded Recycling Center, new Senior Center, and new City Hall.
  • Brett preserved over 100 acres of permanent green space.
Brett in Snellville

Brett standing along U.S. 78 where he worked to improve safety and mobility.

Brett delivered for the City of Snellville and at the end of his term, he chose not to seek re-election, and accepted a position at the Highway 78 Community Improvement District. Renamed the Evermore CID, Brett served not only Snellville, but additional portions of District 106 seeking transportation and economic development enhancements for southern Gwinnett. From 2003 until 2009, Brett served as Executive Director and led the Evermore CID to become one of the most successful CID’s in metro-Atlanta.

Those successes included:

  • Brett leveraged the $5.5 million in CID tax revenues to generate $130 million in community enhancements.
  • Brett led a cooperative effort with our Federal, State, and Local government partners to remove the dangerous, reversible lane and light system on U.S. 78.
  • Brett championed extensive community enhancements including 14-miles of new sidewalks, illuminated street signage, and decorative mast arms on U.S. 78.
  • Brett’s efforts at the CID were recognized with the 2008 Agency Achievement Award by the Georgia Institute of Transportation Engineers.

Brett delivered for southern Gwinnett providing a 23:1 Return on Investment for CID property owners, a safer and more attractive roadway for motorists, and improved opportunities for all to live, work, invest, and shop within District 106.

Brett is pleased to represent the citizens of District 106 in the Georgia House and welcomes your comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions.

Brett’s current committee assignments:

Regulated Industries
Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight
Ways and Means, Chairman