HB 204 passes House – No Fees on your property tax bill

I would like to publicly thank both Republicans and Democrats that sided with individual property owners today and voted YES on HB 204. There is a better way to deliver services. Many, in fact most, communities provide the services their citizens desire WITHOUT putting their property at risk. HB 204 passed the House with a comfortable margin of 111 YES votes.

Only those that represent governments spoke against the bill. They will continue their fight in the Senate. Please contact your Senator and express your support for HB 204 that will prohibit tack-on fees being added to your property tax bill.

I confessed today from the well in the Georgia House that HB 204 was indeed a special interest bill. The MOST special interest – the individual homeowner, property owner, tenant, voter, taxpayer – the very special interest every member was elected to represent.

I have fought for you every day of my seven years in the House. I will continue that fight every day you choose me as you Representative. I thank you for your continued support, your prayers, your calls and emails to others. I am forever grateful you have allowed me this opportunity and I am having a blast representing you!

1043 people reached