Capitol Update Week 5

Todd Edwards, ACCG interviews Rep. Brett Harrell

I joined Todd Edwards with the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) for a 30 minute discussion via Facebook Live on many issues under consideration at the state Capitol this year. We discussed the budget, a number of tax bills in the Ways and Means Committee, gaming, and a rapid fire round with various other issues.

Click here or the photo above to view the program via ACCG’s Facebook page .

Budget Hearings continue

Appropriations Subcommittees continued to hold hearings on both the Amended FY 2020 and Fiscal Year 2021 Budget this week. As I am sure you know, the Governor has requested spending reductions in a number of areas to fund a significant increase in spending and the Administration’s new priorities . The Governor’s proposed FY 2021 Budget is $28.1 Billion the largest in state history. The House and Senate are carefully reviewing those requests. The House will recommend modifications as deemed appropriate to serve the best interests of our citizens and state.

Download: Governor’s Budget Requests

UPDATE: January Revenues UP 4.5%

Through the first seven months of this fiscal year ended January 31, 2020, combined personal and corporate income taxes are actually UP $93 million over the prior year. Total state revenues over the same period are UP $133 million. Some have suggested by keeping our promise to you by reducing the states income tax rate, the government will lose $500 million. The Ways and Means Committee will soon begin hearing a tax reform proposal to reduce the top income tax rate to the promised 5.5% in a fiscally responsible manner that will not cause undue cuts to core government services.

YTD State Revenues through January 31, 2020

Gwinnett Chamber President visits the House

Nick Masino, President of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce made a visit to the state House last week. Under Nick’s leadership, the Gwinnett Chamber continues to champion a growing and diverse business climate in Gwinnett.

Photo: Nick Masino (center) with Gwinnett State Representatives

Let me hear from you

It has been my great pleasure to serve as your state Representative. Please contact me and share your thoughts and concerns.

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