Capitol Update – Week 4 – AFY 2013 Budget, Committee Meetings

This week at the Cap

Committee hearings consumed the majority of the week at the Georgia General Assembly. On Friday, the House approved HB 105 the Amended FY 2013 Budget maintaining the overall amount at $19.3 billion. The mid-year budget provides a $172.7 million Education adjustment and reduces revenues by $26.3 million to reflect estimated 3.9% state growth. The AFY 2013 budget passed 145 – 18.

In Committee this week

HB 124 a Sunday Sales fix that I authored was favorably reported out of the Regulated Industries Committee as was HB 132 moving the Boards of Pharmacy and Dentistry to the Department of Community Health rather than the Secretary of State.

HB 159 my Property Protection Bill was read for the first time in Ways & Means and assigned to the Public Finance and Policy Subcommittee. For a detailed summary of the bill that would prohibit billing non-tax fees on your property tax bill click here.

As always, I remain appreciative that you allow me to serve as your state Representative. I encourage you to contact me with any comments or questions you have about the legislation being considered at the state Capitol.  You can reach me at my Capitol office at 404-656-0254 or on my cell at 404-966-5804 or via email at

Thank you again for allowing me to serve as your representative,


Brett Harrell