Capitol Update 9 – House considering Senate bills

I hope you enjoyed a safe and festive St. Patrick’s Day. Just prior to the holiday, we welcomed Tom Kirby to the Georgia House as the newly elected Representative for District 107. Tom succeeds Len Walker as the representative for portions of Gwinnett and Walton counties and the City of Loganville.

Last week the House began committee hearings on a number of Senate bills that “crossed over” on Day 30. Among those are:

SB 316 extends the statute of limitations up to 20 years for offenses against children. Upon becoming law, adults may report cases of rape, molestation or incest that may have occurred when they were children.

SB 469 prohibits mass picketing on private property. All Americans continue to enjoy a right to freedom of speech, this measure ensures the rights of private property owners are respected during the exercise of free speech protests.

In addition to SB 316 and SB 469, the House received more than 100 other Senate bills available for consideration. You may access information on any legislation at and click the Clerk’s Office link to use the “Legislation Search” tool.

HB 175 passes Senate
Online Clearinghouse Act

HB 175 the Online Clearinghouse Act authored by Rep. David Casas provides students throughout the state with online access to the best courses and best teachers. I am a proud co-signer on this bill that passed the Senate last week.

HB 175 will now return to the House and Rep. Casas will request the House agree with the Senate’s modifications. If agreed, the bill will go to Governor Deal for his signature to become law.

Tax reform legislation a possibility
Representatives of Governor Deal, the House and Senate have continued working over the past year on significant tax reform legislation designed to make Georgia a more attractive business destination while reducing taxation on our citizens.

As always, I welcome your input. Please call my capitol office at 404-656-0254 or email if there is anything I may assist you with at the state.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your representative,

Brett Harrell

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