2012 Capitol Update 4 – Choice misses mark

This week the Georgia House passed HB 711, legislation that increases protection for victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. HB 711 provides confidential communication between victims and their advocates at domestic violence and sexual assault centers.

The House failed to pass a bi-partisan opportunity to support andadvance public education in this state.  HR 1162 is a proposed Constitutional Amendment that will recognize the state’s necessary role in reforming public education.  HR 1162 received 110 of the 120 votes necessary to proceed. The resolution may be reconsidered at a later date.

HB 850 passes Judiciary
Addresses guardianship and physician’s orders

HB 850 provides liability protection for medical practitioners when acting on a Physician’s Order for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) and permits Probate Courts to obtain nationwide criminal history reports prior to assigning guardianship. HB 850 passed both the Lane Subcommittee and the full Judiciary Committee this week and is now pending before the Rules Committee.

The House is in Session Wednesday through Friday next week. Please contact me with any issue of state importance to you, your family, or business. You may call my capitol office at
404-656-0254 or email brett.harrell@house.ga.gov.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your representative,

Brett Harrell